Thanks for your input Pauline, your lead facilitator and manager role is both invaluable and inspirational. Thanks for all the support you have shown me, I have really learnt so much more about myself as a person and who I am, I think this is the real turning point of beginning to lead in so many ways.

TAAdult Educator and (Advanced Beginner) FacilitatorNSW Health

Thank you for your hard work and support; your depth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the intent of person centered culture and change has been invaluable. You have given us the skills and passion to continue all that has been built to this point.

TWSenior Manager and Expert FacilitatorNSW Health

It has been a pleasure working with you – you have shared so much and I have learned so very much.

LHSenior Manager & Expert FacilitatorNSW Health

I have learnt so much from you and have been in awe of your skills. I look forward to crossing paths again in the future.

KBSenior ManagerNSW Health

Thank you Pauline, your passion & commitment have been outstanding, and I thank you for sharing that with me over the past few years.

RWSenior Health Manager & Coach

Thank you for all your support… you have supported, challenged and enlightened me with your skills and knowledge of facilitation, practice development and person-centered change.

MLGroup FacilitatorNSW Health

I want to say how much I have appreciated your input into my growth as a practice development facilitator. Thank You!!

RSProgram Manager & Facilitator

Pauline, a heartfelt thank-you for all your support and understanding over the last 5 years. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunities you’ve presented me in my professional growth and mentorship and the kindness you’ve extended to me, especially at times when I needed some friendly direction and facilitation or just an injection of passion!

KGProgram Manager, Facilitator and Adult EducatorNSW Health

Pauline, thank you for your support and commitment to your work, we appreciate you and the lead facilitator and manager role you have so successfully performed.

DHHealth Executive

UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!!! That’s who you are! Never underestimate the impact you have had, and will continue to have, on everyone you come in contact with. You are charismatic, never forget that about yourself!

CTAdult Educator, Senior Facilitator and ManagerNSW Health

Pauline, I hope I have expressed enough over the years just how much we have appreciated your support and generous sharing of your expert skills.

JRResearcherNSW Health

Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration, your values and ambitions to improve staff and client welfare and outcomes.

SSHealth Manager & Leader

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement to me personally and professionally. I feel privileged to have worked with you for so long and on such an important initiative. Your commitment and dedication to the work and underlying principles is to be admired. You have always been generous in sharing your knowledge and providing encouragement. Thank you for your unique contribution and for playing such an integral role in my work and development.

LJSenior Health Manager, Expert Facilitator, EducatorNSW Health

Pauline, it was great to work with you, I thank you for helping me feel so much more confident during the last two days of facilitating quite a challenging and dynamic group. I’ve received a few emails thanking us both for a really good workshop, and a couple of conversations where it was noted that we had a challenging job and we did it well. It’s always nice to spend time with you.

HPSenior Program Manager and Expert FacilitatorNSW Health