Talent Development

Talent Development – Leadership (pdf flyer)

1. Growing Future Leaders

building blocks for high potential leaders of the future

Flight of geeseWho is this workshop for?

Staff who show potential for leadership and/or who are interested to develop their leadership skills, knowledge and opportunities to suit today’s workplace and a vision for the future.


As a manager and leader do you recognise in one or two of your staff… …

  • An innate ability to lead the team from within?
  • Glimmers of leadership skills and attributes just waiting to surface?
  • Aspirational tendencies and confidence about the future?
  • Joy in seeing and helping other’s shine and achieve?

You may have a great leader in your midst, and an opportunity to influence their development!

This 2-day workshop provides introductory theory and practice in:

  • Leadership styles and attributes
  • Facilitation, leadership & management
  • Internal leadership and self efficacy
Enabling competencies/ skills
  • Identifying personal leadership style
  • Reflective listening & inquiry
  • Visionary and aspirational leadership
  • Person-centred approaches
Why “building blocks for future leaders”?

Leaders ‘happen’ for all sorts of reasons – they’re found, discovered, given the label, earn the label, or they happen by accident. Whilst many deliberately seek a path towards leadership, some discover their leadership ability along the way, others never realise they are a leader. To develop leadership acumen they discover as they go, learn on the job, or fake it till they make it!

Potential leaders who have no desire to climb the ladder to a management or executive position could be overlooked: they never get ‘discovered’ or encouraged. Wherever potential leaders exist, those around them have a responsibility to create opportunities for their development, recognition and assignment. These budding leaders usually have internal influence with their colleagues and services, and missed opportunities can be costly, now and in the future. This program will equip them with the skills to enable engagement and effectiveness in the workplace that will be useful now as well as valuable throughout the rest of their leadership journey – for themselves and the organisation.


2. Creating engaging workplaces

enabling employee engagement and commitment

Love jobWho is this workshop for?

Managers, leaders and employers who want to increase team commitment and success, and are committed to developing workplaces that enable employees to thrive in their job.


About engagement:

Employees who love their job and are committed to a team and/or organisation vision
are atypical and should be treasured. Disengaged staff can impact negatively on those around them and spread disengagement. Similarly, the work environment can impact on employee’s tendency to disengage – and all this despite your best efforts to lead effective services and outcomes! With the application of some simple strategies you can create a workplace environment where people feel valued and can thrive. This will have a positive impact on core business, other employees and customers or clients.

As a manager and leader do you find yourself battling against … …

  • Disgruntled, dissatisfied employees – overt or under the surface?
  • Negative attitudes towards managers, leaders and the organisation?
  • Staff attrition and a constant need for recruitment drives?
  • Higher than desirable absenteeism?
  • Presenteeism – people who just show up to do the bare minimum?
  • Difficulty getting staff to embrace initiatives and changes?
  • Lack of leadership within the team especially where such potential exists?
  • Lack of self-motivation within the team – to learn, develop, change, grow?

As a result of this do you sometimes find it difficult to engage with your work?

Employee disengagement can impact on productivity by 20%

How would you like to change attitudes towards core business and management, increase productivity, and share responsibility for development with your team members?

This 2-day workshop will increase your ability to:
  • Be an engaging leader/manager and maintain your own level of engagement
  • Develop engaging relationships with your employees
  • Motivate employees to contribute and achieve
  • Cultivate the characteristics of an engaging workplace
  • Realise the outcomes of an engaged workforce



Performing team


Creating and guiding teams to work more effectively towards their shared goals and to their individual strengths through visioning, role clarification, building trust and mastering conflict.




What’s a high performing team?

Teams that work well together achieve more and experience greater satisfaction in their jobs. Such teams don’t happen by accident – they are created and nurtured! Many teams that have the potential to be high performing never make it because the guidance and balance of support and challenge required to shift into high performance is not made available and, instead of combining their strengths they work in opposition. Conflict is seen as negative rather than as a normal and useful aspect of passionate people coming together. Conflict, when managed appropriately, enables teams to shift to the next level, strengthening their relationships and resilience.

A professional external facilitator will turn around dysfunctional teams and help them to:

  • Clarify motivating goals
  • Increase their commitment to the team’s vision
  • Become self-awareness of their individual strengths and how to leverage these
  • Challenge their assumptions, biases and taken for granted practices
  • Identify, create and avail of opportunities
  • Co-create inspirational initiatives and actions
  • Commission team objectives, individual and shared responsibilities, accountabilities and communication in relation to overall strategy
  • Identify and access resources and personnel to sustain their ongoing growth and advancement
  • Build reflexivity, flexibility and resilience

7Senses Consulting offers team assessment and diagnostics, facilitation, development, mentoring and coaching to enable your teams to achieve high performance status.