Guiding groups to achieve their outcomes

Group Process
  • Unbiased support to think, challenge and make better decisions
  • Collaborative engagement for stronger teams and rich learning
  • Clear vision and path for your future

fa- cil – i – ta – tor
one that facilitates: especially, one that helps to bring about an outcome (e.g. communication, learning or productivity) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Make the best use of your time now!

  • Do you spend a lot time at meetings and wonder how effective they are or how much of your valuable time is wasted?
  • Have you got important meetings, challenging discussions, complex issues or quality decision-making that everyone needs to contribute to – including you?
  • Is your team stuck on an issue or a change that you just can’t seem to shift?
  • Are you getting the best from employees, colleagues and customers?
  • Are you & your staff excited about work?
  • Is your workplace one that encourages engagement and innovation?

How an external facilitator can assist you and your team:

At 7Senses we pride ourselves in providing a high standard of professional facilitation. As an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, Pauline Bergin is your unbiased, third party who will help you and your team to reach your goal in the easiest way possible, to reach the decisions and solutions that are right for the whole team.

“I enable all voices to be heard, I ask the difficult and ‘dumb’ questions, and I guide the group towards consensus decisions. This can be difficult to facilitate if you are a manager with decision-making authority and positional influence in the group. I bring neutrality about the issues and solutions, high support for the team to be brave and think outside the square, and high challenge to unravel assumptions, rituals and biases. I help the group keep focused by holding the context of the dialogue and keeping track of reality!”

Imagine – productive meetings, smart decisions, sustained impact!
7Senses Consulting guides groups to achieve their outcomes and be effective.

The opportunities for facilitation in everyday situations and activities that aim to increase effectiveness and productivity are numerous. For special events and occasions that require input from various perspectives and stakeholders to make complex decisions, the use of a skilled facilitator to ensure success is essential. Such activities present in workplaces and business settings, government and non-government organisations, community events and groups, social programs, team and committee meetings, and anywhere that there’s a desire to increase the effectiveness of specific initiatives and projects. If you need to draw on the group’s knowledge and enable meaningful interaction, you need a facilitator.

Following are some examples of events 7Senses Consulting have guided groups to success with:

  • Visioning, goal setting and strategic planning
  • Developing person-centred workplace cultures and practice
  • Complex and collaborative decision-making
  • Project support – engagement, group consensus, enabling momentum, progress and outcome evaluation, sustainability, report writing
  • Working with intergroup conflict; turning conflict into a positive entity and outcome, helping groups to ‘unstick’
  • Team building, goal setting, performance enhancement and evaluation
  • Group facilitation – Action Learning Sets, Clinical Supervision
  • Engaging staff and consumers in new or revised initiatives and services
  • Workplace culture data management;
    • gathering staff and consumer stories
    • undertaking empathy observations
    • engaging staff to make meaning of data through feedback and analysis
  • Role clarification, performance development, review and management
  • Talent and professional development
  • Service review and planning

We can customise and tailor workshops and events to meet the needs of you and your team(s). Check out specific structured programs that you may be interested in.

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