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Flourishing at Fifty

Reinvent, reinvigorate, renew in preparation for the next exciting phase of your life

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Who is this relevant to?

40 – 60 year olds who are keen to make the next phase of their life about doing their thing; making changes so they can live their true purpose, really focusing on their career options or moving to a less demanding job, and exploring other aspects of themselves.

Live the life you deserve now! 

As a suddenly 40, 50 or 60 year old, are you… …

  • facing another 10-20 years in your current job?
  • physically or mentally exhausted in the life you’re living now?
  • keen to make the next 10–20 years count, doing something you’re passionate about?

Have you given your life and time to raising family, supporting your children’s education and career, caring for others, building and sustaining a business, or just working to pay the bills? And all this at the cost of your own passions, strengths and desires. Do you feel it’s time for you to do your thing?

Most of us would prefer to be making our living doing the things we love, instead of working in jobs we hate, or struggling on our own with no idea how to turn things around.

Instead of keeping these thoughts and ideas about ‘what could be’ trapped in your minds, it’s time to bring them into action in the present moment. Instead of starting an endless quest for the right answers it’s time to focus on what it is we truly want. To consider opportunities through career, business, study, travel, volunteering, creativity, writing etc. – the options are boundless limited only by your imagination!

Why ‘flourishing’?

Flourishing is about doing well, being the best one can be, to live your true purpose, thrive instead of just surviving. We can flourish at any time in our lives – it comes down to the choices we make, a decision to act, and having the support to take the necessary steps.

This program provides opportunities to:

  • Identify personal strengths, preferences and opportunities
  • Make informed decisions about choices and next steps
  • Identify resources needed, their availability and how to access them
  • Get started on an action plan




“That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve”.
Abraham Lincoln

“If your mind can conceive it, your heart believe it, then you can achieve it”.
Jesse Jackson

“Every achievement begins as an idea”
Earl Nightingale


If you are going through a tranistion in your life or career, or you’re planning to, enlisting professional support to explore your ideas and options, to challenge your assumptions, promote accountablity and positive thinking, and enable clearer decision-making will help you to achieve your goals.

Fear of failure, personal costs and consequences can stop us from acting on our brightest ideas, best-laid plans and our greatest intentions. Or we simply never get off the starter block and take that first important step. Having an accountability partner, a personal advocate or someone you can honestly run your thoughts past, sans judgment, can give you the leverage you need to make progress towards your aspirations.

7Senses provides a balance of support and challenge to guide you to Achieve the outcomes you desire by…

– Increasing your Awareness (about your situation, strengths and options)

– Challenging your Accountability (for following through on agreed actions)

– Promoting Advocacy (for yourself and your work)

These are facilitated through individual critical reflections and dialogue, thought challenges and the application of proven methods and evaluation.

The intent is to create and experience Affirmations about yourself, your life and your work so you can get on with what you do best.


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