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Self care_Dec 2015

The end of another year is a great time to focus on you, using self-care tips that really work, in preparation for 2016.

Innovation_Nov 2015

How do we, sometimes unknowingly, stifle innovation? What the research says and  7 things we can do to encourage and nurture it.

Collaboration_Oct 2015

A critical success factor or an cliched illusion?  Thoughts on when to collaborate and why you might consider an alternative approach.

10yrs a Practice Developer_Sept 2015

A reflection on my 10 years as a Practice Developer and my thoughts on the 7 top topics that set it apart from other approaches to workplace culture and change.

Rethink Empowerment_Aug2015

Exploration of empowerment, what it means, why it’s important and how to enable it. Plus some facts about how a facilitator can help!


Employee Advocacy_July2015

Description of the link between employee engagement and advocacy and discussion points about the role leader’s play in this.


Enable Engagement_Jun2015

Some thoughts about why most employees don’t engage and tips about what you can do to increase engagement.


You’re a facilitator?_May 2015

Discussion about how facilitation differs from other roles such as teacher/trainer, change agent, project manager, and some fundamental principles that guide facilitator’s practice.


Facilitation for everyday_April2015

Helpful hints for incorporating facilitation into your everyday practice and the benefits of using facilitative approaches in a variety of diverse situations.