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Working on purpose, for purpose

Work with purpose

BRINGING PURPOSE TO LIFE AT WORK By Pauline Bergin Feb/March 2016 “Clarify your purpose – what is the why behind everything you do? When we know this in life … it is very empowering and the path is clear.” Jack Canfield author, The Success Principles. In my last blog I talked about having a life… Read more »

Living your personal purpose – why it’s important and how to find yours

Courage to grow up

by Pauline Bergin 29 Jan 2016 PURPOSE: a matter of direction… and connection In my work with groups of people in all sorts of settings I encounter many who are frustrated by their situation, particularly at work. They feel not listened to or misunderstood, not valued or utilised for their best qualities, in fact sometimes… Read more »

IPDJ Person-centredness Supplement

IPDJ Person-centredness Supplement Read those articles that explore new insights into person-centred health care and what’s currently happening globally.

How happy are you and your staff at work?

Check out these interesting resources about compassion and empathy in the workplace. The Guardian newspaper article Mindtools resources on empathy Self-compassion inventory

Facilitation mind maps app

Mind maps app I found this app with over 30 mind maps that provide comprehensive summaries of facilitation topics including core facilitation skills.

A++ Program

A++ Program     Click the link below to download the 7 Senses Consulting A++ Program Overview. A++ Facilitative Mentoring Program