Pauline photo 2015Pauline Bergin

CPF, MAdEd, GradDipVET, DipBus, RN, RNMH
MACN, Honorary Associate (Clinical Fellow) UTS



Pauline Bergin is an International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Certified™ Professional Facilitator [CPF] who is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. During a career of over 30 years Pauline has held diverse roles in the health sector: clinical, education, service and change management, health coaching, professional development, Practice Development, group and process facilitation. Pauline has worked in metropolitan, regional and rural settings, with individuals, teams, groups and organisations, helping them achieve fantastic outcomes, for their clients and themselves.

Through this vast and diverse experience Pauline understands the challenges managers and leaders face to engage staff meaningfully in their work. To do this successfully Pauline looks beyond tasks and roles by examining ways to tap into people and all their talents, intuition and skills. This results in staff feeling valued and a part of a great service, with better outcomes and satisfying work.
Pauline thrives on guiding others towards a fulfilling career and life.

“…knowledgable, inspiring, compassionate, approachable, thought-provoking”; these are words
clients use to describe Pauline.

As an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, Pauline works to a set of internationally recognised competencies and applies the latest facilitation research, techniques and processes. By increasing individual and group engagement, Pauline’s approach ensures everyone in the team and the organisation benefits, resulting in flow-on effects to other aspects of people’s work and personal lives; growth of people and practice – it’s a winning combination!

Pauline works in alliance with a large network of facilitators across NSW, Queensland and Victoria as well as internationally ensuring client needs can be met promptly and using the most suitable approaches for each unique situation and context.


7Senses Consulting’s Vision
Places where people love to work, people who thrive at work.

7Senses Consulting’s Mission
Purposeful engagement; team grown solutions.

7Senses Consulting’s Values
We are guided by the following set of values and principles:
– a genuine belief in people
– respect for all we encounter
– dedication to helping others
– collaborative engagement
– focus on sustainable improvement
– non-judgemental and compassionate practice
– commitment to the growth of facilitation internationally

Approaches and Methods we use
– Person-centredness
– Neuroscience, leadership and potential
– Mindful practice
– Critical Social Theory and Practice Development
– Appreciative Inquiry
– Adult learning principles

Techniques we use:
– Key stakeholder analysis and engagement
– Service and team diagnostics
– Process mapping, disruption and improvement
– Critical creative reflection and inquiry
– Support and challenge balance
– Collaborative decision-making strategies
– Future focused visioning and planning
– Cooperative inquiry and evaluation