The A++ Program©

A++ Program - Introductory program and offer

Giving you leverage in your professional, career, and personal transitions to establish and reach your aspirations.

You know what it feels like to complete a task, to
achieve an important outcome, reach a goal or deadline, master a skill – it’s empowering, it’s motivating and deeply satisfying.

Wouldn’t you like to feel more of that?

Do you feel that you’re always striving but never arriving?

  • Do you have goals or ideas that you have doubts about or just can’t bring to fruition?
  • Do you feel you can’t get the leverage you need to make progress and thrive?

Fear of consequences and other costs can stop us from acting on our brightest ideas, best-laid plans and our greatest intentions. Or we simply never get off the starter block and take that first important step. Having an accountability partner, a personal advocate or someone you can honestly run your thoughts past, sans judgment, can give you the leverage you need to make progress towards your aspirations.

An intense program focusing on you and your goals during five (5) 1-hour sessions over eight (8) weeks.

In this program you are provided a balance of support and challenge to Achieve the outcomes you desire by…

  • Increasing your Awareness (about your situation and options)
  • Challenging your Accountability (for taking agreed actions)
  • Promoting Advocacy (for yourself and your work)

These are facilitated through individual critical reflections, weekly challenges and the application of proven methods and evaluation.

The intent is to create and experience Affirmations about yourself, your life and your work so you can get on with what you do best.

What clients say about the A++ Program… …

  • I felt safe and supported, yet challenged without judgement.
  • After 2 sessions, interviewer feedback was that I ‘blitzed the interview!’
  • Expertise, friendly direction, commitment and a much-needed injection of passion!
  • Invaluable and inspirational, I learned more about myself and reached a turning point in my leadership.


More information about the A++ Program (pdf)

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