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Imagine | Learn | Achieve

Accelerating achievement: guiding you and your teams to reach planned and purposeful goals 

Imagine if you could have powerful relationships, reach consensus and get more out of meetings; learn how to increase staff engagement in your organisation’s priorities, and achieve better outcomes that are sustained.

Our best work is with individuals and groups who are serious about wanting to reach their goals and achieve their outcomes. 

A skilled facilitator does not ‘teach’ or ‘impose’ knowledge… … we guide you and your people to identify purpose (personal, professional, team, service, organisational) and utilise the most suitable actions towards achieving your goals in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. The difference is ownership and empowerment leading to increased commitment and success.

Drawing on extensive training and practical experience, we promote self awareness, engagement and growth in our clients who value our expertise, gentle challenge without judgement, support and encouragement to take big steps.

Focusing on purpose, engagement and managing transition successfully, we love working with people who value a balance of support and challenge, taking responsibility for their own happiness and success, and who are willing to invest in themselves.


7Senses Consulting guides individuals, teams and organisations to reach their desired outcomes. We do this by creating safe places for people to actively engage, generate and share ideas, to innovate and find suitable solutions, and to be increasingly effective in their work.

7Senses Consulting uses proven processes and strategies to engage staff at all levels in critical dialogue, seeking solutions from within and promoting genuine commitment to sustainable actions and progress.

Increased levels of engagement and advocacy benefit everyone, resulting in flow-on effects to other aspects of peoples’ work and personal lives; growth of people and practice, it’s a winning combination!



Creating a clear vision and path for your future.
Collaborative engagement for stronger teams and rich learning.
Unbiased support to think, challenge and make better decisions.

Most of us grapple at some stage with decisions about what our next move should be – personal, professional and business decisions, and wonder whether we make the right ones.

We often know that our colleagues, employees and clients are capable of much more and deserve opportunities to be their personal best.

Imagine having someone to run your ideas by, to hold the space for you and your team to come up with more creative, innovative and fearless ideas.

Someone who will ask you the tough questions to stretch your thinking, who won’t judge your views and actions, who will help you to think outside the square, beyond perceived boundaries.

Someone who will help you and your team to make well-thought-out decisions and who will help you to unleash talent, potential and to triumph. It’s closer and more achievable than you might think! The A++ Program is an intense 8-weeks of facilitative mentoring to accelerate your achievements.


At the core of 7Senses Consulting’s mission is the art of working with people to increase engagement. Engagement is everything; without engagement you have nothing!

If your staff, clients or you are not truly engaged in actions that lead you to your purpose no amount of training, change initiatives, performance management, opportunities, rewards, cajoling, or whatever other means, will lead to the outcomes you desire. There’s a lot of truth in the saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’.

If your people are not engaged in the team or organisational purpose they are most likely working towards a different purpose; one that may be in direct conflict with yours or at least is not helping to achieve it.

In today’s workplace giving people a job and telling them to get on with it, or expecting them to work to a high standard just because they are paid to do so, rarely results in high achievement! With change initiatives and mandatory directives occurring fast and furious, it is imperative that people feel connected to their work and it’s purpose.

The key is knowing your purpose, then genuinely valuing the opinions and ideas of all employees, colleagues and clients, and establishing processes that allow voices to be heard, ideas to be shared and actions to transpire – to imagine, learn, achieve!

A professional facilitator helps you and your team to Connect MORE and accelerate your achievements so everyone can focus on doing what they do best!



We thrive on supporting people at grass-roots level through to executives to realise
their individual, team and organisational vision.

For Individuals:

7Senses provides individuals with balanced support and challenge in:

  • Personal and professional mentoring, supervision and coaching.
  • Developing personal goals and plans, being your personal advocate and accountability partner, promoting potential through self-care and self-determination.
  • Helping you to reach the next level, stretch your capability, connect with your purpose and achieve your aspirations.
For Groups, Teams and Cohorts:

7Senses guides groups, teams and cohorts to:

  • Develop shared values, vision and purpose.
  • Plan, achieve and evaluate shared goals and objectives.
  • Identify strengths so teams can work collaboratively and perform to their highest potential.
  • Transition through life, career and workplace change.
  • Work with conflict – to turn conflict into a benefit.
  • Inquiry through facilitated group supervision, active learning and focus groups.
  • Establish and facilitate professional groups e.g. Communities of Practice, Special Interest Groups and Action Learning Sets.
  • Train, learn and develop through customised packages and programs.
For Organisations:

7Senses assists organisations with:

  • Developing organisational values, vision and purpose.
  • Planning and evaluating shared goals and objectives.
  • Reviewing services and performance, preparing for accreditation and implementing recommendations.
  • Establishing, facilitating and evaluating person-centred practice, learning and development, workplace environment / cultural assessment and development.
  • Clarifying, developing and evaluating roles, responsibilities and performance.
  • Facilitating scenario and workbased training and development.
  • Developing and facilitating workplace wellness programs.

Services we provide:
  • Professional Facilitation Services
  • Facilitator Training and assessment – from everyday facilitation to advanced skills to manage complex situations
  • Talent Development including growth of future leaders, high performing teams
  • Practice Development
  • Mentoring and Clinical Supervision
  • Personal Development
  • Enabling wellness